The Conditions of Converting to Islam

Please note that it’s not a condition for your conversion to Islam that:

  • there be 3 witnesses (or any witness)
  • your Shahada be uttered in a mosque

It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

While it’s highly recommended to make your testimony of faith in public,

if you verbally said the words in private to yourself, your Islam is valid.

If you didn’t verbally say it, meaning you didn’t say it loud enough to hear it yourself,

then it’s not legally (outwardly) valid in the Shariah,

but it’s definitely valid (inwardly) between you and Allah, if firm and sincere.

It ‘d make you a Muslim.

To summarise:

If you said the Shahada loud enough to yourself to be legally valid,

then outwardly you’re a Muslim.

If you didn’t say the Shahada loud enough to be legally valid, such as believing or affirming it in your heart without audible utterance,

then you’re not yet a Muslim outwardly,

though it’s "inwardly valid" until you utter it audibly.

So there’s nothing stopping you from uttering these words (inwardly or outwardly) with sincerity:

“There is no god except Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

All success is from God.

May Allah be with you always.

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