UntoIslam Islam - How To Get Started Praying (For New Converts)

Islam - How To Get Started Praying (For New Converts)


Video on How to Pray

Study this YouTube video.

Try to memorise the stages of the prayer and the sequence of them:

  1. Standing
  2. Bowing
  3. Standing
  4. Prostrating
  5. Sitting
  6. Prostrating

If the video above is hard to follow, do a search for "Islam, how to pray" and find a video that you like.



Don't worry about the Arabic for now. Do that later after you've got a good routine with the prayer, i.e. after you're praying 5 times a day consistantly.

Pray in English. Whatever translation you use, you might need to change the words a little to make it sound like the words you'd normally use yourself.

Even before you learn the English, just say 'Allahu Akbar' for every stage of the prayer until you learn the English.

You can hold a bit of paper in your hand, while praying, with the English words on it.

It won't take long to memorise them.


Find Someone

Try to find someone who can teach you how to pray (in person, face to face).

Meet with them once a week until you've learnt how to pray.

Most Muslims are happy to give their time to teach someone how to pray.


Step by Step

Start with once a day and build it up to five times a day over time.

Take baby steps but be consistent.

Don't pile too much on at once, you'll drop the ball.

Consistency is the key.


Web Pages

Some reading on how to pray:






If you have questions, immediately ask.

There are many Facebook groups where you'll get an instance answer.

Here are a few:


Only use these groups to learn how to pray (IMPORTANT!) and don't let anyone rush you into memorising all the Arabic words - TRUST ME. Over time it'll come.

To learn other things about Islam you need to use a qualified teacher like someone teaching at your local mosque or from an online school.

They can provide you with audio lectures, reading material and much more.


Contact us

Need more help, contact the team at untoislam.com here.


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