Islam - How To Get Started Praying (For New Converts)

Video on How to Pray

Hey there, newbie prayer warrior! 🙏😇

Check out this YouTube video on how to pray.

Memorize the stages of the prayer like a boss:

  1. Stand
  2. Bow
  3. Stand again
  4. Prostrate
  5. Sit
  6. Prostrate again

If that video is a bit confusing, just do a quick search for "Islam, how to pray".

Find a video that vibes with you. 🔍📹



No worries about Arabic for now, fam.

You can learn that later once you've got your prayer game on fleek and you're consistently praying 5 times a day (might take a few weeks).

For now, you can pray in English (but you must have the intention to one day start in Arabic because the prayer must be in Arabic).

Use whatever translation you're comfy with, but feel free to switch up the words to make it sound like you.

If you're still learning the English, just say "Allahu Akbar" for each stage of the prayer until you've got the English down.

You can even keep a cheat sheet in your hand with the English/Arabic words. Easy peasy! 📝😉

Once you're consistent with your prayer routine, it's time to level up and start praying in Arabic.

You'll get there in a week or two, no sweat! 💪🌙


Find Someone

If you can, find someone to show you the ropes.

Most Muslims are happy to help a fellow prayer rookie.

Meet up once a week until you've got it down. You got this! 💪👥


Step by Step

Start slow with once a day and work your way up to 5 times a day.

Consistency is key!

Don't overwhelm yourself or you might drop the ball.

Take baby steps and stay committed! 🚀📅


Web Pages

Want to learn more? Here are some web pages on how to pray:



Got questions? Don't hesitate to ask! Join some rad Facebook groups for quick answers:

But remember, only use these groups for learning how to pray, k?

No rush to memorize all the Arabic words, fam.

It'll come with time. 

Pro tip: If you can't find a teacher nearby, online courses are a dope option.

Check out this youth course that's perfect for you as a prayer newbie.


Learning Other Things Besides the Prayer

For other Islamic knowledge, find a qualified teacher at your local mosque or online school.

They'll hook you up with audio lectures, reading material, and more.

Don't use Facebook groups for this. You got this! 📚🧠

See some free courses here.


Contact us

Need more help? Hit up the team at untoislam.com on the contact page.

We've got your back! 💪📲

You got this! 🙌🔥😄


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