Former Hip Hop Artist Who Converted To Islam - Without Allah I Am Nothing - Becoming Muslim (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Kenny Bomer | 11 February 2021 | Episode#74

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Former Hip Hop Artist Who Converted To Islam - Without Allah I Am Nothing - Becoming Muslim (USA)

Today's guest is Kenny Bomer.

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From Kenny's website:

Both factual evidence and erroneous information are more readily available in today's world than ever before in history. Many people have allowed the use of propaganda and thirty-second soundbites to mold their views about Islam and Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings upon him) without their doing any form of legitimate study or research for themselves.

Author Kenny Bomer (Mujahid Islam) addresses this situation head-on in detailed chapters which shed light on the use of propaganda to attack various groups throughout history. Bomer calls the reader's attention to those tactics, which have been studied and perfected, to tarnish people's views of Islam. Bomer addresses misconceptions in detail, asking the reader to consider what Islam is, while rejecting what Islam is not.

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Episode Host

Adee Simon Macdowell (Australia)

Adee is the founder of UNTOISLAM.COM.

Born and raised in Australia with ancestors from the UK and Indonesia and is currently living in Brisbane Australia.

Aged 44 with a wife and three kids, Adee enjoys trying to stay healthy, learning about Islam and spending time with his family.

Adee converted to Islam at the age of 25 in 2002.

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