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I Saw A Muslim Praying And I Thought 'I Want To Do That' - Becoming Muslim Story (Chinese Canadian)

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Known online as 'Khadija Kimchi'; Khadija is an ethnically Chinese, Canadian-born revert to Islam of 10 years.

Her call to Islam began in 2011 as she describes her time up until that point as a life 'left lacking'.

In the pen-ultimate year before her conversion she recalls the fruition of the innate questions which reside in all of us such as:

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What is my higher purpose? (Because this isn't it!)

Unaided and unfulfilled in the answer to these questions led her to reckless behaviour under the guise of having fun.

Khadija's unwitting search for the truth took an unexpected turn when she witnessed a Muslim praying for the first time.

As time passed, Khadija found herself nourished by the fundamental framework of Islam.

Consequently, inspiring and admirable qualities such as empathy, understanding and being a beacon of support were given space to blossom.

She now provides just that to other sisters through her online platform and community 'The Camellias Bloom Podcast'.

Was she always a Muslim?

About Khadija:

  • Converted in 2011, that's 10 years ago
  • From Toronto, Canada
  • Currently lives in the Middle East
  • She's a writer, personal trainer and social media influencer
  • Her hobbies and interests include blogging, podcast, painting, crochet and community outreach
  • Loves helping out the community, mainly sisters

Khadija currently hosts her own podcast and is creating a community just for new Muslim sisters and convert sisters because it is a much-needed platform where we can have support from one another without judgements and with empathy.

This allows sisters to know they are not alone on their journey to Allah.


The Camellias Bloom is a community garden for convert/revert sisters all around the globe to bloom and blossom beautifully into the religion.

About the Becoming Muslim Podcast

Do you have questions about Islam? Are you looking for a new direction in life?

The Becoming Muslim podcast at https://untoislam.com is made for those who are in the midst of researching Islam. It also suits newly converted Muslims.

Our podcast offers a wide variety of audible resources. From captivating stories of converts to discussions on day to day Islamic practices, Unto Islam allows for each individual to cater to their spiritual needs.

Find out:

(1) How to convert to Islam

(2) What it means to be Muslim

(3) Why Islam has helped others

As Muslims do not engage in missionary work, our site is only here to help those who want to know more about our faith and creed.

Episode Host: Crystal Joseph (England)

Crystal always grew up knowing God.

At a young age (as early as 10 years old) her feelings towards the church changed.

She started to follow her gut instinct that it was all wrong.

Finally she felt that Christianity was a block between her and her creator.

After leaving the church she went through a stage of conforming to society.

This included not knowing an answer to the questions of faith and not seeking one either.

Going through this she felt drained.

Crystal tried Buddhism and meditation while still believing in God.

She stated that in England people tend to mix and match and try to make their own answers to questions about God as you go along.

She needed something.

The turning point for her was at the age of 21, she visited Egypt.

She heard the Quran for the first time and felt like this was real life.

A visit to Mt Sinai was one of her first spiritual experiences of Islam.

At the same time she was learning about the scientific proofs in the Quran.

Crystal was getting black and white answers to all her questions.

See full profile page here.

Crystal's Episodes (10)

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Our podcast offers a wide variety of audible resources. From captivating stories of converts to discussions on day to day Islamic practices, Unto Islam allows for each individual to cater to their spiritual needs.


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