Muslims Are Diverse and So Is Islam: What Is Permissible, Preferred and Not Allowed in Islam (USA)

Christen Amer | Nawal, Gina | 24 December 2021 | Episode#116

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Muslims Are Diverse and So Is Islam: What Is Permissible, Preferred and Not Allowed in Islam (USA)

Muslims are diverse and so is Islam

In this episode hosts Christen Amer, Dr. Gina DeBarthe and Nawal Ali discuss the basics of Islamic belief that unite all Muslims and the topics that have a rainbow of opinions within the Islamic community.

If you are new to Islam or thinking of converting this is a mandatory perspective on understanding that Islam is not a monolith and scholars around the world hold differing views on what is permissible, not preferred and not allowed.

Find out what the 4 major schools of thought are and how scholars come to their opinions about certain matters. If something is troubling you, take heart and listen, for in Islam we embrace reflection and innovation on subjects as changing times and conditions demand.

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Episode Host

Christen Amer (USA)

Christen Amer holds a BA in Anthropology & History from Rhode Island College and has pursued an MA in Islamic Studies at McGill University.

Since reverting to Islam in 2003, she has taken the first command of the Qur'an ("Iqra") to heart and continues to seek knowledge daily to increase her faith and help others increase theirs by sharing what she learns.

Whether on this podcast, writing or on her YouTube channel, Christen enjoys spreading the truth, beauty and peace she finds in Islam.

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