Adee Simon Macdowell


Adee is the founder of UNTOISLAM.COM.

Born and raised in Australia with ancestors from the UK and Indonesia and is currently living in Brisbane Australia.

Aged 44 with a wife and three kids, Adee enjoys trying to stay healthy, learning about Islam and spending time with his family.

Adee converted to Islam at the age of 25 in 2002.

About the Becoming Muslim Podcast

Do you have questions about Islam? Are you looking for a new direction in life?

The Becoming Muslim podcast at is made for those who are in the midst of researching Islam. It also suits newly converted Muslims.

Our podcast offers a wide variety of audible resources. From captivating stories of converts to discussions on day to day Islamic practices, Unto Islam allows for each individual to cater to their spiritual needs.

Find out:

(1) How to convert to Islam

(2) What it means to be Muslim

(3) Why Islam has helped others

As Muslims do not engage in missionary work, our site is only here to help those who want to know more about our faith and creed.

Adee's Episodes

The Power Of Alternative Healing In Islam, Lifestyle Changes, Emotions And Converting To Islam (UK)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Zuhair Girach | 02 December 2020 | Episode#62

In this episode we discuss alternative healing and Islam.

Zuhair Girach is the founder of Aafiyah Healing.

He calls it 'The home of holistic health and wellbeing.'

There they look for underlying emotional root problems of ailments and treat them with alternative healing methods.

Some methods and …

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Singing On The Stages Of New York: Experienced Convert Of 30 Years Explains Finding Islam (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Noor Saadeh | 11 Sep 2020 | Episode#43

Noor Saadeh is an American convert to Islam.

She has been a practicing Muslim for over 30 years.

A former concert and opera singer performing in New York City and abroad, as a Muslim Noor turned her talents to writing songs and stories for Muslim children growing up in the West

In this episode she talks…

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Inside The Soul Of Islam: Love, Beauty And Wisdom Of Islam For Spiritual Seekers Of All Faiths (UK)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Mamoon Yusaf | 03 August 2020 | Episode#30

Today's guest is Mamoon Yusaf

He is well known for his UK TV show:

'Quran Coach'...

and his book:

Inside the Soul of Islam: A Unique View into the Love, Beauty and Wisdom of Islam for Spiritual Seekers of All Faiths

He is a trainer, speaker, and coach

In this episode Mamoon teache…

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10 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming Muslim And Converting To Islam. Muslim Convert Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Kaighla Um Dayo | 11 Sep 2020 | Episode#48

In this episode Kaighla explains how she did not have a good experience of converting to Islam.

You will benefit by learning from her mistakes.

Did you know that some people have such a bad experience of converting to Islam that they leave the religion all-together?

Listen to this episode so you don't be…

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About The Lady Who Wants Her Daughter To Grow Up As A Muslim (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Calisha Bennett | 11 Sep 2020 | Episode#51

This is a short clip by Calisha Bennett who is a personal development coach who helps Muslims to become better believers.

We interviewed Calisha in episode #2 of this podcast series.

She explains how someone listened to the episode and then contacted her.

That lady wants her daughter to grow up as a Musl…

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Discover Your Innate Emotional And Spiritual Resilience - Convert To Islam Story (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Kathryn Jones | 21 August 2020 | Episode#41

Here is a method that is helping women to convert to Islam.

Join us today as we talk to Kathryn.

Kathryn is a veteran convert of 25 years.

She is an Emotional and Spiritual Resilience Coach and founder of an academy that help's people learn about Islam.

Today you will learn 5 reasons why you shou…

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Born Muslim Who Left Islam And Reverted Back To Islam: Nawal Shares Her Reasons (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Nawal | 17 August 2020 | Episode#38

Are you a born Muslim but not practicing Islam?

Are you thinking about getting back into Islam?

Listen to Nawal's story of how she did this so you can do it too.

This is the easiest way to find out about the secrets of getting back into Islam so you can reconnect with God.

Divorce Could Not Keep Me Away From Islam: 7 Reasons Why I Became A Muslim (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Christiana Andres | 03 August 2020 | Episode#31

How can divorce be a good thing?

Divorce is painful right? Not for Christiana. See how she used her divorce to get closer to Allah and Islam.

Use this example to get over your own personal problems so you can accept Islam and start a new life.

Learn about the problems you may face after converting to Isl…

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Author Of The Book 'How To Be A Happy Muslim' Explains How To Succeed By Converting To Islam (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Sheima Sumer | 1 July 2020 | Episode#29

Today's guest is Sheima Sumer.

She is not a convert to Islam but she is the author of the book titled,
"How To Be A Happy Muslim"

  • Learn why reading this book will be a simple introduction to Islam for you - and you can even ask the author questions using her free online counseling service.
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My First Ramadan Was A Virtual Ramadan - New Convert To Islam Shares Her Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Gina Marie DeBarthe | 26 June 2020 | Episode#28

Gina Marie DeBarthe (age 46) converted in 2019, that was 5 months ago.

Her mother is from Honduras, a small country in Central America, and her father is from Missouri.

She was born in Califorrnia.

Her father was in the Navy and then in Civil Service, so she lived all over the US and she spent time in …

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How The Bible Foretold The Year Jesus And Muhammad Will Come To Earth (Filipino Convert)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Muhammad Pedro C. Arceno Jr | 25 June 2020 | Episode#26

In this episode Muhammad Pedro C. Arceno Jr explains:

  • The surprising truth of the false Christian interpretation of the "Son of Man" and the "Kingdom of God"
  • If you listen closely, you will find that Prophet Daniel foretold two messiahs, Jesus and Muhammad
  • That there are errors and omissions i…

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Why Becoming Muslim Is Truly The Best Thing I Could Have Ever Asked For: Convert To Islam Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | April Brownlee | 25 June 2020 | Episode#27

April Brownlee was born as a Christian.

She converted to Islam in July 2015 during Ramadan (that was 5 years ago).

She is originally from a very small town in South Carolina, Abbeville.

Currently she lives in Columbia, SC, with her husband and daughter.

April is a special education teacher.

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Convert Story: Adam Talks About Becoming Muslim And Why It Is Hard For Chinese To Convert (Singapore)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Adam Foo | 24 June 2020 | Episode#25

Today's episode:

  • If you live in Singapore, then this episode could help you to convert to Islam.
  • Converting to Islam is hard right? Wrong, Adam explains how easy it really is.
  • Learn the four reasons why Chinese Singaporeans find it hard to become Muslim.

Adam Foo converted to I…

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Convert Story: Kick Addictions And Problems Fast Using This New Islamic Technique And Method (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Tim Brennecke | 24 June 2020 | Episode#24

In this episode you will learn:

  • The secret new technique to quitting your addictions and converting to Islam at the same time.
  • Why even a new Muslim or a non Muslim can use this method to fix up their lives.
  • How this is a proven technique used by Christians and others that has been around for …

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How To Convert To Islam Using Creative and Entertaining Content And Videos With Mujizah (Malaysia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Sumaiya Rabeya (Mujizah) | 23 June 2020 | Episode#23

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The new breakthrough in creative Islamic video and media that can help people to convert to Islam.
  • How this team of young film directors, story tellers, artists, audio composers and creative professionals want to bring people closer to God.
  • How to benefit …

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Divorce and Hardship Led Me To Islam - How Islam Saved Jerlida (Laos) - Becoming Muslim (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Jerlida Yang | 14 June 2020 | Episode#22

In today's episode I interview Jerlida who converted to Islam 13 years ago in 2007 at the age of 17.

Her parents were born in Laos which is a country near Thailand. Jerlida grew up and lives in Melbourne.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Jerlida found ease after hardship and how it helped her t…

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Faced With Islam From The Roots And Becoming Muslim In Indonesia: Convert Story (Germany)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Chris Hainsch | 09 June 2020 | Episode#21

Chris is 44 years old and converted to Islam 22 years ago.

He lives in Munich Germany.

He is a psychological counselor and has studied economics, behavioral psychology and Islamic sciences.

He grew up as a Protestant Christian but found no closeness to God.

His father was always interested in all…

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Conversion Based On The Hijab And Its Beauty, How It Shows Our Identity As Strong Women (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Denise | 06 June 2020 | Episode#20

Denise converted to Islam in 1998, that was 22 years ago.

She lives in Melbourne and is an Australian Sign Language teacher for secondary school children.

Shia Islam:

  • Denise has a Turkish/Syrian background and her parents follow the Shia version of Islam
  • She converted to what she believe…

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My Mother Said She Would Kill Herself If I Convert To Islam - Convert To Islam Story (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Tanya | 05 June 2020 | Episode#19

Tanya's story is inspiring because she is dealing with parents that do not agree with her conversion to Islam.

She converted to Islam in Jan 2020, that's 4 months ago.

This happened for her at a young age of 23.

Tanya lives in Melbourne and her parents are from India.

She was brought up in a Chri…

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Hazy Confusion Of Christianity Verses Why Islam Makes Sense - Convert To Islam Shares Thoughts (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Christen Amer | 3 May 2020 | Episode#14

Christen Amer converted in 2003, that was 17 years ago.

She is from Rhode Island near New York.

She is a wife and a mother.

An ESL English teacher and a property manager.

From an early age, Christianity didn't fit with her nature.

At the age of 13-14 she told her mother that she could not…

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How Disconnect With The Church And Too Much Talk About Prosperity Helped Me To Convert To Islam (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Shavon Quinn Woods | 4 May 2020 | Episode#15

Shavon Quinn Woods converted to Islam in February 2020, that was 2 months ago.

She lives in Chicago.

Her husband converted to Islam before her.

She tells us how there was a disconnect with the church and they did not agree with what they saw.

Join Shavon as she talks about:

Prophetic Medicine And How Converting To Islam Can Cure Your Physical, Mental And Emotional Problems (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Idris La Terra | 23 April 2020 | Episode#13

Idris La Terra was born in Melbourne.

He has Italian and Norwegian parents.

He converted to Islam in 2018.

He has been Muslim for 2 years now and is 39 years old.

He is a naturopathic doctor and formulation scientist.

He specialises in natural medicine, herbal medicine and nutrition.

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Get A New Physiological Framework And Remove Anxiety - 8 Good Reasons Why I Converted To Islam (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Christen Amer | 22 April 2020 | Episode#12

Christen Amer converted in 2003, that was 17 years ago.

She is from Rhode Island near New York.

She is a wife and a mother.

An ESL English teacher and a property manager.

From an early age, Christianity didn't fit with her nature.

At the age of 13-14 she told her mother that she could not…

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9 Mind Hacks And Tips From Reborn UK Muslim And Personal Development Coach (UK)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Shez Hanif | 18 May 2020 | Episode#18

Shez Hanif is from the UK.

He is a guidance coach and a personal development coach.

He also has a service that specialises in Muslims relationships.

His purpose is to "help people to rediscover their purpose in life."

In this episode he talks about:

My Father Was In The US Navy, Husband In The Army - Why I Became Muslim: Convert To Islam Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Gina Marie DeBarthe | 17 May 2020 | Episode#17

Gina Marie DeBarthe (age 46) converted in 2019, that was 5 months ago.

Her mother is from Honduras, a small country in Central America, and her father is from Missouri.

She was born in California.

Her father was in the Navy and then in Civil Service, so she lived all over the US and she spent time in G…

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Drugs, Heroin, Hindu Statues, Polytheistic Roots On Her Path To Becoming Muslim. Convert Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Brenna Baldridge | 10 May 2020 | Episode#16

Brenna Baldridge is from West Texas, USA.

She converted to Islam a year ago in 2019.

She has been wearing the hijab for 6 months now.

She explains how Islam is a religion that is hard to get close to.

She also talks about:

  • Her Catholic past
  • Stereotypes of Islam
  • [Read more]

Learning How To Pray Helped Me To Become Muslim - 9 Ways To Benefit And Convert To Islam (UK)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Abdullah | 20 April 2020 | Episode#11

Abdullah is a secondary school Maths teacher.

He is from London and originally from Ireland.

He converted to Islam 2 weeks ago.

He had been practising Islam for a few months before he decided to convert.

He was doing the Islamic prayer and even tried fasting all before converting.


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Is Conforming To Society Damaging You? Crystal Explains Her Conversion To Islam: Becoming Muslim (UK)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Crystal Joseph | 18 April 2020 | Episode#10

Crystal Joseph always grew up knowing God.

At a young age (as early as 10 years old) her feelings towards the church changed.

She started to follow her gut instinct that it was all wrong.

Finally she felt that Christianity was a block between her and her creator.

After leaving the church she went…

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Defender Of The Quran And Not A Muslim Yet - Why Does Gina Want To Convert To Islam? (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Gina | 15 April 2020 | Episode#9

Gina shares the truth about Islam and the reason why the Quran is misunderstood.

She explains why you should never believe what you hear on the media and news.

This is an amazing story told by a woman who is not yet officially Muslim.

Gina is 59 years old and lives in rural USA Mid West (2020).


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Little Known Ways To Find The Extremely Beautiful Version Of Islam - Becoming Muslim (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Grace Song | 14 April 2020 | Episode#8

In this episode Grace Song tells us about her 'beautiful' version of Islam.

She has been a Muslims for many years now since converting.

Some of the topics she covers includes:

  • The main reason to convert to Islam
  • Learning how to perform Islamic prayers
  • Giving up bad habits
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11 Reasons Why Its Better To Convert To Islam - Personal Development Coach Explains (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Calisha Bennett | 12 April 2020 | Episode#7

Calisha Bennett is a personal development coach from Australia. She specialises in Women's Islamic Identity and personal development.

She is the founder of Developing Diamonds

In this episode she talks about:

  • why you should become a Muslim
  • how Islam is a way of life
  • submitting …

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9 Surprising Things You Should Know About Converting To Islam - Muslim Shares The Secret (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Muhamad Nassar | 8 April 2020 | Episode#6

Join Muhamad from Melbourne Australia. In his upfront style, he talks to us about converting to Islam.

About searching for a purpose in life.

He discusses topics like praying five times a day, wearing hijab, fasting Ramadan.

He talks about how women are respected in Islam.

He talks about how to d…

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Why I Converted To Islam - Highly Educated Intellectual Woman Felt Empty With Worldly Success (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Grace Song | 7 April 2020 | Episode#5

Grace Song had always believed in God and that there was a higher power watching her and that knew everything about what she was thinking.

She started thinking about how lost she was in life and that maybe following a religion could help her.

She began to start talking to God.

She wanted to understand th…

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The Easy Way - How To Use Facebook Groups To Become Muslim - Convert To Islam Explains (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Gigi Mitchell | 5 April 2020 | Episode#4

This is the single most important thing you need to know if you are thinking about becoming a Muslim.

This one trick is the secret to learning about Islam online using social media.

You will learn about using FB groups. You will learn ways to find experienced assistance.

This is the easiest way to find f…

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Why This American Girl Left Florida And Found Islam And Happiness - Becoming Muslim Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Karima | 4 April 2020 | Episode#3

Karima is a typical American girl who grew up in Florida. After moving to Maryland her life changed.

She was soul searching at the time. Not happy with the answers Christianity gave her, she kept on searching.

One of her friends was Muslim.

Growing up she never even knew what a Muslim was.


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How To Use A Personal Development Coach To Convert To Islam - The Safe And Easy Way (Australia)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Calisha Bennett | 15 March 2020 | Episode#2

Calisha Bennett's father converted to Islam before she was born.

She is the founder of Developing Diamonds and has over twelve years of experience as an active community leader, speaker, teacher and mentor of Muslim women and youth.

Specialising in Islamic identity coaching and personal development, Calisha has …

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Truth Behind The Ex USA Marine Who Found Peace Through Islam - Becoming Muslim Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Saeed | 14 March 2020 | Episode#1

Saeed lives in Kansas USA.

He is an ex-marine.

Join him as he tells us his story of converting to Islam and how it gave him peace.

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About Becoming Muslim, Islamic Mysticism And Islam As The Light - Convert To Islam Story (Spain)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Mariam Roncero | 11 Sep 2020 | Episode#47

Mariam converted in 1996.

She ia 47 years old

She is from Madrid and lives in Granada.

She likes reading and travelling, and is passionate about translating.

Mariam talks about:

  • Becoming Muslim
  • Islamic mysticism and sufism
  • Islam as the light
  • Christiani…

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How God Saved Me When I Was At My Lowest: Addiction To Alcohol, Christian Pastors As Parents (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Andrew Linden | 08 January 2021 | Episode#66

Andrew Linden converted in 2019, that was one year ago.

He is 25 years old and is from Asbury Park, NJ, United States.

He currently lives in Athens, Ga, United States.

Andrew is a student and a cook and loves video games and sports.

He is passionate about helping the poor.

In this episode…

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Growing Up in France as a Non Muslim: Basketball, Break Dancing During Prayer (French Convert)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Cedric Du Peloux | 05 February 2021 | Episode#73

This is a convert story about Cedric Du Peloux De Praron.

He describes the story like this:

What happened is that my father separated with my mother when he became Muslim.

My mother is not Muslim and I grew up with her.

I went on holiday when I was 8 years old and spent some time with my father a…

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Former Hip Hop Artist Who Converted To Islam - Without Allah I Am Nothing - Becoming Muslim (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Kenny Bomer | 11 February 2021 | Episode#74

Today's guest is Kenny Bomer.

About Kenny:

  • He is an author, public speaker and debater.
  • Converted to Islam in 1987, 34 years ago, at the age of 17.
  • He is now 49 years old.
  • Lives in Houston, Texas in the United States.
  • Works as an inspector for the American …

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Convert of 45 Years Explains: Journey Through 10000 Veils; The Truth Shall Make You Free (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Sheikha Maryam Kabeer Faye | 19 February 2021 | Episode#75

People who stay in one place (and don't travel) find it harder to absorb the signs of God in this world.

That makes it harder to find what you're yearning for.

Sheikha Maryam Kabeer Faye is a traveler, seeking the One, seeking the Truth.

She'll never stop traveling.

We consider Maryam the mother …

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Introductory Course On Islam From Convert And Former Prom Queen And Varsity Sports Team Captain (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Lindsay Um Fatima | 01 June 2021 | Episode#87

Our guest is Lindsay Um Fatima

Today we talk about her course which is an introductory course on Islam.

It is from her website.

About Lindsay:

Listen, Learn It, It's Gonna Catch: The Joy Of Converting To Islam - Becoming Muslim Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Angel and Aisha | 03 June 2021 | Episode#89

Today we have two guests. Both of them are converts.

Aisha is 31 and she converted 10 years ago at the age of 21.

Angel is 47 and he converted this year on March the 17th 2021.

Aisha grew up Catholic and is a mix of Egyptian, Arab, Turkish and Italian.

Angel is Puerto Rican.

He had …

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1.9 Billion People Believe This Is the Direct Word of God, Maybe Give It a Read: Convert Story (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Dylan | 18 July 2021 | Episode#96

Today's episode is with Dylan.

Dylan converted 7 years ago in 2014 at the age of 19, he's now 25 years old.

He is a student of Islamic knowledge with two specializations in:

1) Islamic Law

2) Classical Theology

He has been teaching Islam since 2018 and lives in Montana USA.

He sta…

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I Became Agnostic, Then Atheist, Then Buddhist to Finally Finding the True Way of the Creator (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Ahmad | 10 August 2021 | Episode#99

Finally Finding the True Way of the Creator

About Ahmad:

  • Converted in 2011 at the age of 24
  • Currently 34 years old
  • Born in Egypt
  • Grew up in NYC
  • Works with IT computer systems
  • Enjoys inviting people to Islam, muay thai, archery, volunteering, soccer
  • <…

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100th Episode: Listen to Katherine Convert to Islam on the Show. God Am I Doing the Right Thing? (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Katherine Garnett | 12 August 2021 | Episode#100

Today's episode is a celebration for two reasons:

  • Katherine CONVERTS to Islam live on the show
  • It is our 100th episode

We are also joined by other Becoming Muslim hosts for the episode:

  • Christen Amer
  • Gina Marie DeBarthe
  • Nawal
  • Cedric Du P…

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Convert Care for New Muslims: Bright Beginnings Have Bright Endings: Your First Years of Islam (UK)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Shaykh Bilal Brown | 26 September 2021 | Episode#107

Convert Care for New Muslims

Today we talk to Shaykh Bilal Brown, Managing Director of New Beginnings.

Shaykh Bilal Brown is also a convert.

New Beginnings is all about convert care and helping people in their first years of Isla…

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Islam Answered Every Question, a Perfect Answer Every Time; 18 Year Old Shares His Convert Story (UK)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Ryan Stanley | 19 October 2021 | Episode#111

Today we speak with Ryan Stanley.

I'm amazed at how much Ryan understands about Islam at the young age of 18.

About Ryan:

  • Converted in August 2020, so I have been a Muslim for just over a year
  • Born and raised in the UK and have never been outside the UK
  • Currently studying Law w…

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Innovative Approaches to Caring for Converts. The Deeper and More Meaningful Essences of Islam (UK)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Batool Al-Toma | 04 November 2021 | Episode#113

Today's guest is Batool Al-Toma from the UK.
Batool is an Irish convert and has been Muslim for 40 years.

She's the founder of The Convert Muslim Foundation.


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