Raise Your Vibration From The Islamic Perspective: From The Book How To Be A Happy Muslim (USA)

Crystal Joseph | Sheima Sumer | 30 May 2021 | Episode#84

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Raise Your Vibration From The Islamic Perspective: From The Book How To Be A Happy Muslim (USA)

Today we talk to Sheima Sumer.

This is her second episode on the podcast.

In this episode Sheima talks about her book entitled:

How to be a Happy Muslim Insha'Allah: Rise Above your Problems and Choose Inner Peace and Joy with Ideas from the Quran, Sunnah, Counseling and Health Fields


Topics discussed in the episode:

A video on destiny as recommended by Sheima:


For anyone interested, here are the topics covered in Sheima's book:

Here is Sheima's first episode:


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Episode Host

Crystal Joseph (England)

Crystal always grew up knowing God.

At a young age (as early as 10 years old) her feelings towards the church changed.

She started to follow her gut instinct that it was all wrong.

Finally she felt that Christianity was a block between her and her creator.

After leaving the church she went through a stage of conforming to society.

This included not knowing an answer to the questions of faith and not seeking one either.

Going through this she felt drained.

Crystal tried Buddhism and meditation while still believing in God.

She stated that in England people tend to mix and match and try to make their own answers to questions about God as you go along.

She needed something.

The turning point for her was at the age of 21, she visited Egypt.

She heard the Quran for the first time and felt like this was real life.

A visit to Mt Sinai was one of her first spiritual experiences of Islam.

At the same time she was learning about the scientific proofs in the Quran.

Crystal was getting black and white answers to all her questions.

See full profile page here.

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