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The Logic Of Islam, And How Islam Solves The Problem Of Evil. Convert Story (German Convert)

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This is an inspirational story where Julia discusses her conversion to Islam.

She talks about life growing up with a mother who was an alcoholic.

She recounts how she was raised a Christian but was confused by the doctrine of the trinity.

She reveals how she learned about Islam, and her encounter with several American Muslims.

In this episode:

  • Julia talks about her relationship with her parents and how that changed after becoming Muslim.
  • She reveals how she first encountered a group of Muslims.
  • The logic of Islam.
  • She discussed her struggle with the existence of evil.
  • We further learned about her family's reaction to her conversion to Islam
  • She elaborated on her father's obsession with atheism and devil worshipping.
  • She converses about how Islam helped increase her patience and resiliency.
  • She further notes how Islam helped her form a more respectful relationship with her parents.
  • As a new revert in Germany, she dealt with a lot of prejudice, especially since she chose to wear hijab. This impacted her ability to find a job.
  • In addition, she discussed how moving to Dubai has been a relief for her since she deals with less prejudice as a Muslim.
  • We discuss her first Ramadan.

About Julie:

  • Converted around the age of 17
  • Born in 1987 and now 33 years old.
  • Originally from Germany but lived many years in the UK
  • Currently lives in UAE Dubai (last 6 years).
  • Studied education and Islamic Sciences at a popular German University and achieved her Bachelor's degree.
  • Full-time homeschooling mum of three and working part-time as a Copywriter.

Julie is also a self-publishing Islamic Children's book author on Amazon and has written several children's books about Islam.

Her website is: www.juliahankeauthor.com

Here you can find her latest books, and information on an amazing reader and writers group.

Her books are:

She is determined to write a dawah book for adults dealing with difficult questions like "why is there evil in this world?" What is the purpose of life" etc.?

About the Becoming Muslim Podcast

Do you have questions about Islam? Are you looking for a new direction in life?

The Becoming Muslim podcast at https://untoislam.com is made for those who are in the midst of researching Islam. It also suits newly converted Muslims.

Our podcast offers a wide variety of audible resources. From captivating stories of converts to discussions on day to day Islamic practices, Unto Islam allows for each individual to cater to their spiritual needs.

Find out:

(1) How to convert to Islam

(2) What it means to be Muslim

(3) Why Islam has helped others

As Muslims do not engage in missionary work, our site is only here to help those who want to know more about our faith and creed.

Episode Host: Gina Marie DeBarthe (USA)

Gina Marie DeBarthe converted in 2019

Her mother is from Honduras, a small country in Central America, and her father is from Missouri.

She was born in California.

Her father was in the Navy and then in Civil Service, so she lived all over the US and she spent time in Germany.

She currently lives in Independence, Missouri.

Gina is a Speech language pathologist.

She works with adults and children with communication disorders, developmental disabilities, and those who have had strokes, or traumatic brain injuries.

Gina states, "I feel very blessed for being guided to Islam. I have had a few trials and difficulties in life. More than once, I almost died. When I read the Qu'ran, so many things in my life made sense. Also, after taking shadada, I found I was truly able to forgive and let go of those things from my past that had been encumbering me".

More career details:

Experienced Speech Language Pathologist with a demonstrated history of working in Acute Rehabilitation and with Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC). Skilled in E-Learning, Instructional Design, Tele-practice, Bilingual Speech Therapy, Research, and Science. Strong healthcare services professional graduated from University of Kansas.

See full profile page here.

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Our podcast offers a wide variety of audible resources. From captivating stories of converts to discussions on day to day Islamic practices, Unto Islam allows for each individual to cater to their spiritual needs.


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