How Islam Taught Me To Be Grateful: Ups And Downs On A Journey To Becoming Muslim (USA)

Christen Amer | Mysti Alamro | 01 June 2021 | Episode#86

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How Islam Taught Me To Be Grateful: Ups And Downs On A Journey To Becoming Muslim (USA)

In today's episode we are speaking with Mysti Alamro, an English teacher from the United States who reverted 23 years ago from Catholicism.

Although her reversion has cost her in some ways, Mysti talks to us about how much more she has gained by being a Muslim.

Islam helped her through many ups and downs on her journey and gave her the strength to carry on through child loss, immigration struggles and heartache.

Learn how being mindful of the blessings in your life can transform the way you live and love.

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Episode Host

Christen Amer (USA)

Christen Amer holds a BA in Anthropology & History from Rhode Island College and has pursued an MA in Islamic Studies at McGill University.

Since reverting to Islam in 2003, she has taken the first command of the Qur'an ("Iqra") to heart and continues to seek knowledge daily to increase her faith and help others increase theirs by sharing what she learns.

Whether on this podcast, writing or on her YouTube channel, Christen enjoys spreading the truth, beauty and peace she finds in Islam.

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