Christen Amer


Christen Amer holds a BA in Anthropology & History from Rhode Island College and has pursued an MA in Islamic Studies at McGill University.

Since reverting to Islam in 2003, she has taken the first command of the Qur'an ("Iqra") to heart and continues to seek knowledge daily to increase her faith and help others increase theirs by sharing what she learns.

Whether on this podcast, writing or on her YouTube channel, Christen enjoys spreading the truth, beauty and peace she finds in Islam.

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About the Becoming Muslim Podcast

Do you have questions about Islam? Are you looking for a new direction in life?

The Becoming Muslim podcast at is made for those who are in the midst of researching Islam. It also suits newly converted Muslims.

Our podcast offers a wide variety of audible resources. From captivating stories of converts to discussions on day to day Islamic practices, Unto Islam allows for each individual to cater to their spiritual needs.

Find out:

(1) How to convert to Islam

(2) What it means to be Muslim

(3) Why Islam has helped others

As Muslims do not engage in missionary work, our site is only here to help those who want to know more about our faith and creed.

Christen's Episodes

Advice From a Convert: The Quran Does Lead to a Straight Path, but It's Not Narrow; Grace Song (USA)

Christen Amer | Grace Song | 25 March 2022 | Episode#128

In this episode we talk to Grace Song, the executive director of the Usuli Institute, a research and education based think tank whose aim is to reclaim and reaffirm the beauty and wisdom of the Qur'an and Islam. A convert of 28 years, Grace explains the beauty, justice and compassion found within the pages of the Qur'an and sha…

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Soul Detox, Surrender to Loving Yourself Again, Ayah Al-Kursi Led Me to Islam - Convert Story (Canada)

Christen Amer | Amber Khadijah Von Grat | 24 December 2021 | Episode#117

Ayah Al-Kursi Led Me to Islam

In this episode we have the pleasure of speaking with Amber Khadijah Von Grat. Amber Khadijah Von Grat is the spiritual coach for women who crave soul connection and who want to unite in love.

She helps women discover their truth, reflect on their delusions about self-worth, and sur…

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Muslims Are Diverse and So Is Islam: What Is Permissible, Preferred and Not Allowed in Islam (USA)

Christen Amer | Nawal, Gina | 24 December 2021 | Episode#116

Muslims are diverse and so is Islam

In this episode hosts Christen Amer, Dr. Gina DeBarthe and Nawal Ali discuss the basics of Islamic belief that unite all Muslims and the topics that have a rainbow of opinions within the Islamic community.

If you are new to Islam or thinking of converting this is a mandatory p…

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Fake It Until You Make It! How World Hijab Day and Fasting Led Me to Convert to Islam (USA)

Christen Amer | Ashley Pearson Khan | 26 September 2021 | Episode#106

Fake It Until You Make It! How World Hijab Day and Fasting Led Me to Convert to Islam

On today's episode we are speaking with Ashley Pearson Khan, an American Christian woman from Arkansas who embraced Islam after donning the hijab in support of the women in her life who were wearing it.

After participating in t…

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Wearing Hijab and Recognizing Privilege: A Group Discussion, Convert Stories (USA)

Christen Amer | Lara, Lindsay, Gina | 29 August 2021 | Episode#104

Wearing Hijab and Recognizing Privilege: A Group Discussion, Convert Stories

Today, host Christen Amer, is joined by three maverick converts:

  • Lara Jennings author of an upcoming book and co-founder of MyMoon Online
  • Lindsay Conrad mother of 2 and student of all things
  • Dr. Gina DeBarthe …

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Muslimah of the West: Islam Opened My Eyes to the Reality of This Life (USA)

Christen Amer | Glory | 29 August 2021 | Episode#102

Islam Opened my Eyes to the Reality of this Life

In this episode we talk to "Glory" aka the Muslimah of the West who reverted 5 years ago in spite of several obstacles, including finding someone to help her take her shahada.

Find out how Glory finally came to be Muslim and how it has impacted her life.


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Former Prom Queen Explains Converting to Islam. Sometimes You Just Need a Little Support (USA)

Christen Amer | Lindsay Um Fatima | 17 July 2021 | Episode#94

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Support

On today's episode we interview Lindsay U.M. Fatima a 39 year old mother of 2 who reverted to Islam 11 years ago.

Although Lindsay wears many hats, currently she spends the majority of her time home schooling her children and developing Islamic resources for others lookin…

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How Islam Taught Me To Be Grateful: Ups And Downs On A Journey To Becoming Muslim (USA)

Christen Amer | Mysti Alamro | 01 June 2021 | Episode#86

In today's episode we are speaking with Mysti Alamro, an English teacher from the United States who reverted 23 years ago from Catholicism.

Although her reversion has cost her in some ways, Mysti talks to us about how much more she has gained by being a Muslim.

Islam helped her through many ups and downs on her …

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Embodying The Spirit Of Islam For New Converts: What Does It Mean And How Do We Do It? (USA)

Nawal | Christen Amer | 30 May 2021 | Episode#85

Today we have three guests.

  • Nawal Ali
  • Christen Amer
  • Crystal Joseph

They discuss what the 'spirit of Islam' is and what it means to them.

Questions include:

  • How to embody the spirit of Islam?
  • What does it mean to embody the spirit of Islam?…

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Islam Is Simple: Live In The Now With Allah, The Simplicity Of Islam Drew Me To Convert To Islam (USA)

Christen Amer | Amy Ali | 16 April 2021 | Episode#83

Islam is Simple

In this episode we speak with Amy Ali, a 37 year old who converted in 2003. She resides in the US and is a certified Back to the Fitra Academy mentor and coach "helping women live in their now with God".

Learn how the simplicity of Islam drew Amy into the fold.

Amy has also just recently …

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Allah Calls Us to Him: Truth-Seeking Roman Catholic Converts to Islam (Filipino Convert)

Christen Amer | Dyn Santos | 16 April 2021 | Episode#81

Allah Calls us to Him

Today we are speaking with Dyn Santos a 36 year old woman originally from the Philippines and a once devoted Roman Catholic, now living in Canada working as an Office Administrator.

She has been a convert for 2 years and is kind enough to speak with us about her experience in her truth-seek…

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Trusting Allah In Good And Bad Times, Convert Becomes A Muslim Mum On The Move, Holistic Health (USA)

Christen Amer | Lindsey Nicole | 25 March 2021 | Episode#79

On today's episode we speak with Lindsey Nicole, a 34-year-old American-Muslim convert since 2007, Certified Nutritionist and author, and mother of two.

Following the end of her 14 year marriage in 2018, Lindsey moved abroad with her children and has lived throughout North Africa and the Middle East since.

She u…

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New Reverts Guide To Becoming Muslim, First Shocks After Converting, Music In Islam, Marriage (USA)

Christen Amer | Noor Saadeh | 05 March 2021 | Episode#77

In this episode we talk with Noor Saadeh, an American convert to Islam who has been practicing and sharing her knowledge of Islam for over 30 years.

Noor gives us some insight into things that new converts may be struggling with or might run into that could cause confusion.

Topics covered in the episode:

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Science As A Helper Of Faith In Islam (USA)

Christen Amer | Nawal | 08 January 2021 | Episode#69

In this episode, Christen Amer speaks with Nawal on the ways in which science has its basis in the Qur'an, hadith and Islam itself.

We explore how this dynamic radically shifted from the superstition with which medieval Christianity viewed and interacted with science and how that in turn changed the world.


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Atheist Views And Antagonism: His Inner Voice Eventually Led Him To Convert To Islam (French Convert)

Christen Amer | Zakaria | 02 January 2021 | Episode#65

In this episode we speak with Zakaria.

He is a French Native who currently teaches French via

He is involved in translating tafsir (Explanation of the Quran) into the French language amongst other things.

Zakaria grew up amongst atheist views and antagonism towards religion under …

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Finding Yourself Through Islam. 18 Year Old College Student Becomes Muslim. Learn To Love (USA)

Christen Amer | Kaley July | 21 December 2020 | Episode#64

Kaley July is an 18 year old college student who has recently reverted in the spring of 2020.

Listen to what led Kaley to take her shahada and the interesting events along the way there.

Some of the topics include:

  • The marriage of Ayisha and the Holy Prophet (her age)
  • July's family and e…

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Family Dynamics After Becoming Muslim: Unhappy Parents And Communicating Effectively With Them (UK)

Christen Amer | Safia Haque | 12 November 2020 | Episode#56

In this episode we speak with Safia Haque, an "Effortless Parenting Coach" to try to maximize ways to effectively communicate with our loved ones and the world around us.

Safia is the daughter of a German convert to Islam and gives us some insight as to how to approach telling those we love we have converted as well as …

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Islam As An Equalizing Force - Gender, Race And Wealth - Positive Changes For Converts To Islam (USA)

Christen Amer | Nawal | 11 November 2020 | Episode#54

Christen Amer and Nawal Ali discuss how Islam revolutionized how gender, race and wealth were thought about in society and the positive changes that has brought today.

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Common Topics That Reverts And New Muslims May Struggle With: Becoming Muslim The Easy Way (USA)

Christen Amer | Nawal | 11 Sep 2020 | Episode#45

In this episode Nawal Ali shares some wisdom on battling doubts, learning Arabic, hijab, and polygamy for Muslims who may be struggling with or trying to understand these concepts.

Inshallah this will be helpful for all Muslims, but especially geared towards our revert community for whom these concepts may be new or mis…

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Convert To Islam And Become The Best Muslim Man You Can: You Must Learn This. I Never Knew (USA)

Christen Amer | Nawal | 11 Sep 2020 | Episode#44

In this episode, host Christen Amer explores the ideas of what it means to be a man in Islamic society with resident
expert Nawal Ali.

Throughout the episode the ideas of what it means to be masculine are defined and stereotypes challenged.

If you are a new revert or even a born Muslim struggling with what…

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Hazy Confusion Of Christianity Verses Why Islam Makes Sense - Convert To Islam Shares Thoughts (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Christen Amer | 3 May 2020 | Episode#14

Christen Amer converted in 2003, that was 17 years ago.

She is from Rhode Island near New York.

She is a wife and a mother.

An ESL English teacher and a property manager.

From an early age, Christianity didn't fit with her nature.

At the age of 13-14 she told her mother that she could not…

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Get A New Physiological Framework And Remove Anxiety - 8 Good Reasons Why I Converted To Islam (USA)

Adee Simon Macdowell | Christen Amer | 22 April 2020 | Episode#12

Christen Amer converted in 2003, that was 17 years ago.

She is from Rhode Island near New York.

She is a wife and a mother.

An ESL English teacher and a property manager.

From an early age, Christianity didn't fit with her nature.

At the age of 13-14 she told her mother that she could not…

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